28 December 2012

Love Moon Healing

In honor of the full moon in Cancer - December Love Moon - and the powerful emotional vibrations surrounding this intense end of 2012, I wanted to share musings and inspirations from one of my favorite astrology blog sites:

The astrological sign of Cancer is a water element, a cardinal mode of energy. When Cancer is being expressed at its potential, it is powerful, dynamic and highly tenacious sign. Things will get done. And any obstacles on the path, water tends to flow over, around it and in the end move past it. This is how the sign of Cancer has the potential to handle difficulty. Though this sign is a touch sensitive and thus under a full moon, every emotion may feel even more intense. 
What could be the key themes or issues surfacing now? They will be around family, roots or belonging, rejection, abandonment, emotional security, financial or professional security as well as death, dying, letting go of the past and moving past old comfort zones. 
The exquisite potential of the Full Moon in Cancer is re-establishing emotional purity and strength. Allowing one to be confident and free to express feelings and flow with life. Learn to honor your feelings and attune to the Sacred Feminine. Be receptive to healing and also remain open to allowing things to wash away and prepare your inner container for new beginnings by being in the present moment. Let the raw emotion of rejection, abandonment and emotional betrayal heal. Allow love to caress you and nourish you on every level. 
- Depali Desai, Celestial Space Astrology Blog
Full Moon * 27 Dec 2012 * Yoga Retreat, Paradise Island, The Bahamas 

And so I am in deep reflection about what healing and transformation mean for me in the present moment and into the new year. It's been so good to be home and re-connect with my people and homespace in the Bahamas. It helps me feel rooted yet it also fills me with anxiety and hard memories. But these too keep me spirited. I am really feeling this full moon deeply and all the planetary shifts that are culminating into the new year. So many of my projects, my creations, are coming to fruition in 2013 - because of the work and intensity of this year - my water dragon year - in which I invested so much of my time and energy planting, sowing the seeds of long time visions... and they are emerging! One of those projects is all about healing and transformation - and I am thrilled that it will be published soon soon! More to come on that - (Saltwater Healing, Poinciana Paper Press, Forthcoming 2013) there will be a book launch an' ting in the new year :)  So this time for me has really been about letting go and listening to the universe and focusing on radical self care. I am as we all are - a work in progress - continuing to grow, heal, and change.

I focus during this full moon on healing - my own healing but also praying for healing for all of us and our planet - continuing to envision and believe in this time of change - the time is now for us to embrace the Sacred Feminine and love ourselves and this earth.

So in wrapping up my end of year musings on conscious vibration, I wanted share the music that has kept me going these past few months - as I've been deep in the throws of writing, teaching, deadlines, and the day to day. This past fall, I spent much of my time alone (outside of teaching and meetings and a few weekends in New York) and it was really a time of affirming my rituals of self care - especially after my dynamic and beautiful summer of travels and spending much time at home. The fall was really about me and alone time - and work - and creative recovery - nurturing my artistic self. And music was a big part of this work for me - and so I share my top three songs of 2012:

Grace Jones, This is...

Emeli Sande, Wonder

Jose James - Black Magic

And finally here are some pics of art pieces I created while listening to these songs:

Happy New Year!!! more musings soon come on conscious vibration...
peace & radiant light,

22 December 2012

Activate + Manifest = Transformation

*** 21 December 2012 ***

Happy Winter Solstice!  I'm meditating on new beginnings, awakenings, and change on this powerful day! Here's a little something I'm reflecting on as we all embark on a new year during this time of change:

"From ancient times, the Solstice was considered to be a power point or portal of Spiritual energies flowing in onto the planet. In astrology, the Solstice is a marker or turning point in the astrological calendar. This year, December 21st, 2012 we are standing on the edge of something big in Collective Consciousness. Whether you notice it or not it is happening all across the world. Life is changing and it is helpful to move along with it, which makes this Solstice point unique in nature.  Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the “Winter Solstice” a time of celebrating and time of introspection. 
The solstice of 2012 is bringing things to a completion in one way. Old way of life is ending and dissolving before everyone’s eyes. Walking through this symbolic doorway within Consciousness is important and beneficial. If you do so, consciously and with the appropriate alignment you can ignite the New Year 2013 with different approach."
- Dipali Desai, Celestial Space Astrology Blog

I'm at home in the Bahamas for the holidays - grateful for this time with my friends and family - feeling blessed to bring in the new year here. It has been a vibrant, dynamic, and powerful year - filled with healing, self-care, and change. We are all in the midst of shifting consciousness and transformation. I have been feeling it all year with so much gratitude to be alive and to be doing what I love to do - writing, teaching, meaningful community work, and creating art and poetry. 

I'm still flying high from a beautiful experience earlier this month. I had the great opportunity to share my work as a scholar, poet, and community worker during a keynote address at Oberlin College for the Students of Caribbean Ancestry annual 2012 banquet. I was asked to speak about Caribbean independence and what it means for queer Caribbean people inside and outside the region. The title of my talk was "Sexual Freedom and Citizenship in the Post Independence Anglophone Caribbean Or A Queer Postcolonial Subject Reflecting Transnational Space(s)" - and I shared much of my work with the Caribbean IRN and highlights of our collection Theorizing Homophobias, and I also talked about my scholarly work and research in Caribbean Sexuality Studies. I ended the presentation with a poetry reading. It was a beautiful experience - and it really made me feel affirmed and appreciated! The students there were so brilliant! And I felt so blessed and grateful being able to be my full self - writer, scholar, teacher, activist, and poet. This experience made my year! 

SOCA Banquet, Oberlin College, 8 December 2012

Activate + Manifest = Transformation

Meditating on conscious vibration - time to activate and manifest our intentions and stay rooted in radical self care - as we prepare and open ourselves for the coming changes and shifts with the end of this dynamic year.

wishing everyone peace & love for the holidays,