23 May 2006

summer healing

Summer has always been a rejuvenating time for me - not only because I go home but also because of the energy of summer. This summer will be a little crazy for me since I'm doing my exams in August and trying to get lots of work done, but I am still feeling that energy and renewal. I've been working on being positive about my broken bone, I've taken a more active role in my heaing, and I think it's actually working... Also, I am about to go home on June 14th, and I can't wait to see and feel the ocean - she has always been good for me. And as we say in the Bahamas, da sea is cure e'rryt'ing plus some bush medicine an' I'll be heal. I'm also going to hit up the Bahamas Archives while I'm home and even do some interviews for my dissertation. And of course chill with my peeps and spend quality time with my friends/fam :)

So in the spirit of sharing this healing vibration, I am really happy to announce that three of poems have just been published in an online journal called Julie Mango!

Here is a link directly to the page with my poems: Julie Mango

I am a little anxious about these pieces because two are about my mother, and these three poems are my first pieces out in the world - even though I have others accepted for publication in collections and journals which should be out soon - these are da first ones :)

let me know what you think and share some of your own healing vibration...

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