18 December 2006

thoughts about consciousness

I've missed writing on my blog, and somehow the semester managed to escape me in the midst of craziness at UF - I've had the strangest semester - way too hectic and somehow not as productive as I would have liked... spent way too much time organizing, but it had to be done... and now it's over and the holidays are here... and with it some great news:

Five of my poems have just appeared in ProudFlesh: New Afrikan Journal of Culture, Politics, and Consciousness - in their issue on "Consciousness." So check out ProudFlesh for thoughts about consciousness - the editorial gives you a map of the issue. I'm still checkin it out myself - it just came out last night! and I wanted to share it right away...

sendin out positive wibes for da holidays... you are all in my thoughts... I'm headin home today, but I'll be checkin my blog and email - so if anyone feels so inclined - feel free to spark some discussion and share your thoughts on "consciousness."
peace & soul,

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