27 November 2008

reality check on thanksgiving

love this cartoon! It's funny, ironic, & flips the script.

So let us remember on this day, even as we enjoy time off, even as we spend time with our families, that if we live in the United States, we live on stolen land. "Thanksgiving" should be a day of national mourning.

It should be day that we remember the genocide of Native Americans, a day that we remember the Native American struggle and the larger indigenous movements (for land, rights, and resources) across the planet. This should be the time we remember... the history we may never know... and take the time to learn & read up on what we don't know.

in the struggle,

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lawanliss said...

this is funny as hell...

did any one ever consider that this could just be the reason they eat turkey at Thanksgiving it remind them with the black feather of the Indians...I just saying (lol)

but seriously yo are so right. There should be a day of mourning but then to mourn would be to admit error and to say sorry is politically incorrect .

Thus they eat turkey, while they get patches of land and the blacks wait on reparation and repartriation