30 December 2013

Voices of Dissent -- New WomanSpeak Issue

I have so much to share for my end of year / start of the new year reflections on the blog... and these will come in the next few posts... but for now - wanted to share exciting publishing news -- The latest issue of WomanSpeak, A Journal of Writing and Art by Caribbean Women edited by Lynn Sweeting -- Issue 7 -- with Lulu. The issue features 30 contemporary Caribbean women writers and artists -- and includes fiction, poetry, fairy tales, essays and paintings! I just got my copy and feeling very blessed to be part of this collection.

Two of my poems are featured in the beautiful collection themed "Voices of Dissent: Writing and Art to Transform the Culture" -- I wrote both of these pieces with resistance and radical transformation on my tongue and desire for social change and major shifts on my mind/heart/spirit -- making sense of and learning from we histories and herstories. May this collection and our shared creativity continue to offer space for reflection, questioning, sharing, and building the world we dream/imagine.

Here are my offerings:  


Occupying Dissent Long Time
New York, 26 Oct 2011
Angelique V. Nixon

this new moon in october vibrates
through the echos of change, we want now

i obsess over websites, occupy blogs, live streams, and democracy now
in between weekend visits to new york
join the people of color working group at occupy wall street
cause it’s the only space i feel at home in well-meaning whiteness

diving right into work and organizing of this
wondrous and complex movement
transforming like fall leaves
we must be like the wind to keep up

and i ask, as Black mixed-race Caribbean migrant queer woman,
how can we rise as a people (people of color, united in our shared oppression yet
we differences thick and bubbling to the surface every time we meet)

long experienced in lack
marginalization, disenfranchisement, police/state brutality, criminalization,
deportation, displacement, dehumanization, economic and social injustice,
the lingering effects of slavery and colonialism,
globalization and immigration policies,
interlocking systems of oppression,
we have long been occupied.

(Communities of color, the poor and working class, immigrant communities,
formerly & currently incarcerated, trans people, undocumented workers,
and others who are marginalized have long known
what so many people are waking up to now,
yeah, we know this shit ain't right.)

the revolution      is here
the revolution      is now
it is                     more than possible
movements         spreading
like wildfires        of defiant love  
all over               the world
rising                  rising                     rising

out of the lies and false promises of capitalism
out of so-called free trade and free markets
out of corporate wutlessness and greed

out of corporate controlled, puppet-like governments
out of the privatization of natural resources
out of environmental crisis and degradation

out of unemployment and debt
out of poverty
out of state violence
out of the prison industrial complex

out of gender-based and trans violence
out of class exploitation
out of immigrant struggles
out of despair

out of hope
for something better
out of belief in each other
out of belief in community

our world torn and divided by too much
yet the complex unity of this 99%
experiencing myriad levels of inequity and injustice
lack of opportunities, seeing the hierarchies that bind us

raising our fists, hearts, and minds
together in a revolution hard to name
but one that was/is inevitable

talkin' bout a revolution
sounds like a whisper... 
don't you know...
one day we gonna rise up
and take what's ours!

this is our time
this is our world
this is the most important thing

rising up in solidarity
to take back what’s ours
to re-make our world

to re-create in our own image, thought, word
to re-invent, to re-start, to stay woke
people of color, let us occupy this dissent
let us dissent within/through/after this occupation

long after this whisper ends
let us / stay woke #together

all I want is my body
Angelique V. Nixon

I carved in my body
memories of rape and coercion
control and no-other-choice sexual relations

spirits of Black women, Brown women, Yellow women,
women of color, sing in unison of blood and torn tissue, and
split psyches, remember, what I had to do, was made to do

breeding (of slaves), denial (of rape), benefits (of war)
unfree living capital control, painted as non/being, in lustful hate
crossing borders woven inside my body, slashed and divided

I carved on my skin
sacred symbols of present and past, scars of rhythm and vibration,
haunted, fibrous sketches of time, spread across earthmemory

Enslavement, Indentureship, Reservations, and Occupations
far from over, we are still at war, being female and locked under phallic guns

playing us over and over again, centuries of the same resonate, recent decades spill with perverse comfort—Korea, Vietnam, Haiti, Guatemala, Ciudad Juarez, Zimbabwe, Congo, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan—colonial weapons, neocolonial silences, utensils of war/empire

I see women of color, praying and organizing
I see women raising fists, voices, and pens against patriarchy, power, and state
I see women loving women, as radical, against these silences
(taking back our bodies)

Cover Design by Julia P. Ames features the painting --
"The Butterfly Effect - The Countess" by Claudette Dean

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