31 December 2011

Angela Davis at Occupy NYC

I dropped off the blog posting this fall...  to much goin on... but as I do at the end of year, I am catching up and posting thangs that have been on my radar and on my mind that I want to share and keep on the conscious vibration...

Major Highlight from Occupy Wall Street for me was Angela Davis speaking and blessing the movement with her wisdom. I spent much of the Fall immersed in people of color caucus - in between my other projects and teaching...  I remember her speech today as we wrap up the year.

Angela Davis spoke at Occupy Wall Street Washington Square Park in October - she urged the movement to embrace a "complex unity" within the concept of "99 percent." She evoked Audre Lorde in response to her question "How can we come together in a unity that is complex and emancipatory? Differences must not be merely tolerated but seen as a fund of necessary polarities between which our creativity can spark like the dialectic."

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