31 December 2011

Blessings for 2012 & Ayiti Resurrect Updates!

Greetings friends/family/kin!

I hope your holidays have been filled with joy, peace & blessings! Wishing each of you a beautiful new year and so much love as we bring in 2012!

I am heading to Haiti on January 4th - for Ayiti Resurrect's second delegation! Most of you know about my work in Haiti, and so here are some updates. And for those of you who don't know, here is an overview. I am sending out positive and conscious vibrations for your continued support and belief in our healing collective -- AYITI RESURRECT! This collaborative work with my sistren Beatrice and Naima has been an amazing journey for the past year and a half -- and I would truly appreciate any help you can offer in the coming days -- by spreading the word, sharing links about our work, and checking out all the ways you can contribute (donations, supplies, indiegogo campaign, sponsor a delegate, etc.):

Ayiti Resurrect is a grassroots collective that formed in the aftermath of the earthquake based on principles of solidarity, creativity, and collective resilience. A team of visionary artists, community builders, and holistic healers with bloodlines in the Caribbean and African Diaspora, we have organized ourselves to work in collaboration with local Haitian organizations to facilitate psychological and spiritual healing for earthquake survivors.

Here is a description of our January 2012 Delegation: Ayiti Resurrect has assembled an incredible team of holistic healers, artists, musicians, dancers, yoga instructors, permaculture gardeners and environmental innovators who will be traveling to Haiti during the first two weeks of January, working in collaboration with artists, healers and community builders living in Haiti, to implement a Mental Wellness & Stress Relief clinic, initiate an environmental sustainability education project, and facilitate art and music therapy workshops with and for quake survivors. Workshops and sessions will be organized by Haitians and international allies through collaboration and shared facilitation, and the coalescing of our energy, creativity and wisdom promises to be powerful!!!

Fundraising Efforts: We have hosted three amazing fundraisers this Fall - one in New York, another in California, and a third one in The Bahamas. Thanks to everyone who made these possible and supported these events! We also have an internet based fundraising campaign through IndieGoGo -- which ends TODAY, but there are still many more ways to contribute and help the delegation - check the main website and/or get in touch with me!

*** A Special Thanks to my folks/kin in The Bahamas and to The Hub for a beautiful fundraiser in Nassau on Dec 16th! -- especially to all the performers who shared their talents, words, and music -- Erin Greene, Artist Javan, Mark Bethel, Helen Klonaris, John Nutt, Red Eye, and Maz & the rest of the members of Foreign Sound! *~* More special thanks to Margot Bethel for donating the Hub and its resources and making it all happen! And thank to all those who donated during and after the event!!! ***

Learn more about our delegate team, what we are offering, and our strategy for sustainability at www.ayitiresurrect.org. You can also find out more details about our history, past work, and the partnerships we have here and in Haiti. Here is a powerful video produced by core collective member Naima Penniman about our journey and work with AYITI RESURRECT. Please watch and share with others!

We are making a final push for our fundraising efforts to make sure that our January delegation will go smoothly and effectively!!!

We are a grassroots endeavor of two communities coming together across bloodlines and continents to facilitate healing from within. We are not an NGO with foundational or institutional backing, we are representatives from our hometowns, our neighborhoods, and our lineages. Your support means everything as we engage in this all volunteer work dedicated to cultivating genuine people-to-people solidarity among members of the African diasporic family while reinforcing the strength and autonomy of the Haitian community.

Thank you for taking the time to read about this work and for your continued support! GIVING THANKS to all of my friends/fam and kinfolk who have believed in me and have made all this possible through your donations, through your prayers, and through your love. I am so grateful to be able to do this work - and I am able to do it because of all of you!

As we bring in the new year, let us do so with such positivity and abundance that 2012 will bring us all what we need and desire!!! This year will bring in a Dragon Year, which is my year to spark and renew!!! It also ushers in the dawning of aquarius... new forms of consciousness rising and embracing us all!!! 

with peace, love & conscious vibration!

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