17 July 2013

New York Launch & Reading - Saltwater Healing - Video & More

Here is a video recording of the New York reading and launch of my art and poetry collection Saltwater Healing - A Myth Memoir and Poems (Poinciana Paper Press, 2013) at Bluestockings Bookstore on 2 May 2013. Thanks so much to Beryl Edgecombe who filmed the event for her TV show "Dem Bahamians" on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN)! This aired in June on the show - and is available on youtube as well. I've been so swamped with traveling and work that I haven't had time yet to write a reflection about this evening - and so finally I am sitting still for a moment to say thanks and share.

This is such a beautiful reminder of a really special evening shared with my New York community! Sharing on my blog gives me an opportunity to give thanks again to everyone who came and made this all possible. I was humbled and blessed by your support! Giving special thanks to my dearest friends and loved ones (in no particular order) who came: Beatrice, Al, Chaney, Ganessa, Tei, Miyo, Adaku, Samara, Rosamond, Jamie, Shauntee, Jon, Ari, and (last but not least) one of my best friends Eduardo who came from South Florida for the event. And all those who were there with me in spirit. And giving extra special thanks to my fellow poets for sharing their powerful words at the event. I was honored to share the stage with my writing sistren Charan P Morris (poet and educator) and Gabrielle Civil (performance artist and poet). They brought their fyah and fierceness! Thank you all for bearing witness to Saltwater Healing! I felt then and continue to feel incredibly loved. Thanks to Sonia Farmer - editor/founder of Poinciana Paper Press - who joined us as well to talk about the press and to introduce the book. (Thanks so much Sonia for making time during your New York trip to be a part of this beautiful evening.) Thanks to Jessica Lynne of Zora Magazine - who hosted the evening and also helped plan the event. Jessica took my Black women writers course at NYU, which I taught while on a postdoctoral fellowship in 2009. She reached out to me after hearing about my book being published earlier this year - and she asked to help organize the NY reading. The stars aligned and we made it happen! (Thanks Jessica - you are amazing!) Finally thanks to Bluestockings for hosting us in their fabulous space!

Beryl also invited me to the MNN studio in late May for an interview about my work. This aired sometime in June after the launch aired. Thanks Beryl for having me on your show!

*** My summer is in full swing - currently in Trinidad teaching and facilitating a short course on "Critical Sexuality Studies - Theory & Practice" with the Caribbean IRN and Institute of Gender and Development at University of the West Indies. Check out my article in ARC Magazine discussing the course and related events titled - "Exploring Caribbean Sexualities". I am here in Trinidad and Tobago for the month of July - teaching, writing, facilitating, and sharing. More updates on my epic journeys soon! Until then, peace, love & conscious wibes. ***

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